About Emyrald Sinclaire

Emyrald Sinclaire Emyrald’s health quest began in her early teens when her Dad became very ill and was labeled environmentally ill. Conventional doctors said there was no cure and that he would never be normal again. But this is not the answer her Dad chose to accept. Through two years of vigorous cleansing procedures of both body and home, including hypnotherapy, acupuncture and a radical diet change to organic ingredients only of the highest caliber, he was healed. And not only was he healed, he was a whole lot healthier before than he had ever been in his entire life!

The Journey

SAM_0585Experiencing what her Dad went through via a first-hand experience changed the course of Emyrald’s life. She now understood what a buildup of a lifetime of toxins does to the body. How fried fast foods and processed boxed meals can negatively affect the health and vitality of the body. She learned to read labels of not only the food ingredients she was putting in her body, but now the labels of products that were to be used on her body and within her home. That was when she adopted the personal mantra of :
“If you wouldn’t put it in your body, then it isn’t good enough to put on your body or use in your home.”


At age 18, she experienced a life-transforming moment in college that led her to yoga. Daily yoga practice soon inspired her to move beyond the asana into a mental, emotional and spiritual awakening.  Her love for yoga has grown into a dedicated lifestyle that brings her good health and great happiness.  She has continued to practice consistently for the past decade and now has deepened her practice through the art of teaching.Yoga pic 2
Through yoga Emyrald has strengthened, toned and created greater flexibility within her mind, body and soul. To be able to share this with others is the greatest gift she can think of contributing to the wellbeing of her fellow human beings.
The definition of Organic and its use in Emyrald’s food preparations is just the beginning.
Diet, Cleansing & Personal Health

For over the past 10 years Emyrald has self-studied to provide herself with the most up to date information in regards to food, health and science. Her love for food and thirst for knowledge in regards to different styles of food creation led her to vegetarian food preparation which led to removing dairy from her diet and experimenting with various dairy-free recipes. This led to a complete transformation, that of a vegan lifestyle. Shortly after learning how to prepare vegan foods to the strictest standards, Emyrald learned about the raw food movement and the benefits of juicing. Things were starting to get interesting!

Emyraldyoga1She continued delving deeper into different foods and how her body responded with adding and removing certain food groups from her diet. Emyrald learned about gluten intolerance and celiac disease because of her own intolerance to gluten. She successfully mastered making gluten-free bread and crepes (just to name a few of her most sought after GF foods) and wanted to learn more! To round off this assortment of food preparation skills, she removed sweeteners from her diet, including but not limited to: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, stevia, coconut sugar, and coconut nectar nectar.
This is not to say that Emyrald practices all of these eating styles in a given day. But what it does demonstrate is her intimate knowledge with each one due to her personal experience in preparing each style of food in addition to observing the responses of her body.
Emyrald deepened her knowledge of health and the body with her studies with the University of Natural Health. In early 2012, she completed a dual certification course with superior academic distinction which included Certified Natural Health Practitioner (C.N.H.P.) and Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (C.H.N.P.). By adding this additional knowledge to her skill set, Emyrald is able to combine personalized coaching sessions that include:
Yoga, Health, and Wellness; a beautiful holistic combination.