About Experience Raw

Our mission at Experience Raw is to help you find your way back to balance in all aspects of life, especially with your energy source. Many of us have lost our connection to food and our respect for what we put into our bodies. We’ve designed our business to assist you in reconnecting — with your food, your body, your soul and this planet. We believe consuming delicious, creative raw food is the easiest and most direct way to connect consciously. It’s the simplest form of accessible energy, plain and simple. Give it a chance and in no time you’ll be experiencing its healing effects.

Our Philosophy: Start Where You Are

A raw food diet may sound extreme because, as a society, we’ve been sideswiped by the Standard American Diet, otherwise known, appropriately enough, as the SAD diet. Forget about that food pyramid you learned in school. Did you know that it was created and funded by the dairy and cattle associations? Can you even pronounce half the ingredients in what you eat now? Most people can’t — and that’s a serious problem. Many of us ingest ingredients that are not natural, which confuses our bodies all to hell. It’s time to give our bodies what they’ve been yearning for: rich, nutrient-dense foods.

Pistachio-filled coconut crepes

Our philosophy at Experience Raw is to always remember that your body is your best friend. Treat it kindly and it will return the favor in kind. Your body wants to be in a state of optimum health and strives to reach that goal every single day. We get in the way by putting bad fuel in our vessel — much like putting the wrong octane gas in your car. When I give my body excellent fuel, it responds by giving me abundant energy, clear skin, a trim waistline and hours of deep sleep. Light, clean, natural, whole living foods make you feel light, clean, alive and natural!

Conscious cuisine leads to conscious living and an awareness of how our actions and reactions affect others as well as the planet. After all, we are all one, connected at a soul/energetic level.  This concept might feel strange now, but we promise, it will makes sense as your journey to a healthier you unfolds.

Transforming Your Body — And Your Life

Coconut-peach ice cream

Of course, transformation doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve been abusing your body for years, the change will take some time. That’s why we created Experience Raw — to help and support you day to day, week to week. We are here to help you get real about your current situation. This is not about shame. Rather, it’s about taking responsibility for your past food choices and making a conscious effort to change. You will experience positive results.

We are here to help you on your journey to nutrition and holistic health and will work diligently to open new culinary avenues and highlight new lifestyle routines. While it is a serious mission, we urge you to move forward with kindness toward yourself and gentle care for your body. It’s time, my friend. At Experience Raw, we’ve made it our mission to help you in all ways so you can start living the life you want to live.


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