After Experience Raw catereed two of David “Avocado” Wolfe’s retreats in Cuzco, Peru, the world-renowned nutritionist sang nothing but praise for Chef Kirsten Gum and her high-vibe creations.


“If you have a sweet tooth or just simply love good food without the additive trans-fat and other ‘bad stuff,’ I highly recommend raw chef Kirsten to be your #1 source. With her overall friendly and charming demeanor and insanely tasty raw treats, I was overwhelmed with my first experience at a Fred Segal charity function highlighting Kirsten’s raw food. I was immediately hooked and had her cater my birthday a few days later. Asked at the last minute, this raw chef was able to not only produce what I desired in a short time frame, but produced more than I asked for, making her an instant hit… again! Thank you again, Kirsten, for coming through for me!”

Kristen Terry


“I am a mom with a 12-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl. I brought them to Kirsten’s raw food presentation. It was a valuable workshop for me and my children, so I would like to recommend you and your families to try. When I first mentioned the event to my kids, they were thinking of a night where they would be allowed to use chef’s knives and cook. Kirsten did not disappoint them. Although they did not even get to touch her chef’s knives, they had a night full of laughter and good food. I thought raw food might be difficult to prepare, but surprisingly Kirsten used most of the ingredients from local organic stores. She also recommended some online stores so we can order nuts at a cheaper price.

“My children don’t like vegetables, however, her kale salad tasted so delicious. I couldn’t believe that they even asked for more. My favorite recipe Kirsten taught at the workshop is chocolate pudding using avocado. My daughter does not like avocado, and this is the way to get her to eat fruit while she enjoys a healthy, chocolaty snack. Both my children and myself learned so much in one night! I have been trying to open their minds and offering them different food choices and finding recipes using living foods is helping tremendously!”

Judy Chen
Cary, NC


“Great class. You are a beautiful soul! Thank you for the information. Can’t wait to share it!”

Roberta Osborne
Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher


“It was so wonderful to meet you and feel the positive energy of that class. The recipes were truly delicious. Thank you for coming to W-S to share your knowledge. The world is ‘starving’ for more health advocates like you. Best wishes.”

Laura Bridge


“I am still flying high from being with you. You are a bright light that lifts up all around you. It was so precious to feel the possibility of healing others/ourselves and our tender, luscious planet. I took the salad and pudding to a couple of friends last night. I insisted that they just had to try this. One guy is really into health food and the other one lives on milk and I don’t know what! Both were impressed and in shock when I told them the ingredients. It’s so outrageously good! Thank you so much for sharing all your gifts with us.”

Healthy Home Market


“This was my first raw food class and it was AWESOME! Kirsten showed us that raw does not have to be bland or boring! Her culinary skills are superb and I have prepared most of the dishes from the class easily on my own. I HIGHLY recommend this class to others. I am thinking about how I can fly Kirsten back to North Carolina for a tasting party for all of my omnivore friends so that they can learn about the joys of a raw lifestyle. BRAVO!”

Cassandra D. Caldwell


“Kirsten’s workshop was a total delight! She was able to connect with each person in the class and to bridge the diverse levels of awareness about food among the group so that everyone learned new information about nutrition, raw food preparation and even where to purchase special products and ingredients. Very importantly, she taught how to approach food preparation with both intuition and technique and she engaged everyone in the process of putting together the basic recipes. To build confidence in participants, she invited the group into the process of determining what a food preparation was lacking and how to remedy it so that its flavors were balanced. Her dynamic personality kept the entire session lively and fun and our yoga community was strengthened as we bonded around the entertaining and informative topic of raw food that Kirsten so loves. It is obvious that she is an impassioned teacher and mentor, helping people reclaim or maintain their health and vitality. We look forward to having her again!”

Meghan Prior
New Planet Yoga, Winston-Salem, NC
New Planet Yoga


“Oh Kirsten, you have changed my life. Thank you for being awesome! My raw kitchen is now set up at home. I had everything at my store and just brought it all home!”

Health Food Store Owner, NC


“Chef Kirsten Gum’s raw desserts simply stole the show! We wanted to offer our consciously aware guests a treat for their support of Ethiopia and couldn’t have asked for a better person to do the job. Not only did she devote her time and energy to these gorgeous mouth-watering morsels, she filled the room with her love and passion for healing — answering questions, giving out hugs and promoting a green, sustainable life. You can tell Kirsten cares about people and the planet. Mother Nature is blessed to have her as a steward and we were blessed to have her beautiful creations at our fundraising event!”

Melanie Wicker
Love Heals – Greener Ethiopia


“Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying all that I learned from you. I even got my knives sharpened! I’ve been using the recipes and savoring every bite. Thank you so much for your art and supporting this work. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.”

Carol Connolly
Center for Creative Leadership


“It was so good to spend some time with you. I’ve added you to a very short list of ‘heroes,’ if you will. I really was inspired by how you live your life. You are the teacher that was supposed to appear when the student is ready. The universe is guiding me very clearly on this change in my life. I have read books in the past like Diet for a Small Planet, but somehow it really didn’t sink in. I did temporarily make some changes, but they didn’t last. About four months ago, I read Eating Animals and Factory Animals and it was like a switch flipped. I got goosebumps when you mentioned a switch flipping for you. I feel like I am ready for the whole change, every cell in my body is asking me to please go the whole nine yards. Meeting you and seeing how full a life you are is staying on my mind. Thank you for all you shared with us. You are on my gratitude list forever. You are a true inspiration!”

Sandy Speight Stoker


“Thank you sooooooo much! I’m loving living raw-ly. It has opened my eyes to what my body feels and why I was feeling so badly all of the time. I’m learning to plan meals and my body likes smaller meals, more often. So nice. My Buddha belly is almost totally gone. I’m in awe of raw! Thank you for being a guide in this process. It makes me feel not so overwhelmed. Love to you and yours!”



“I have been eating raw about 60-70% of the time since our class and am really enjoying it. I feel great too! Thanks for the inspiration!”

Anita Daley


“Kirsten’s raw food workshop at our Pilates and yoga studio was FANTASTIC! Her energy is amazing and the passion she has for the raw lifestyle shines through with her tasty raw recipes. Our clients still can’t stop talking about it. Kirsten sparked an interesting conversation for our clients and they are all asking when the next workshop will be!”

Melissa Ghedini
Triangle Pilates & Cary Yoga Center, NC