About Kirsten Gum

Gourmet raw/vegan chef Kirsten Gum

Raw food chef and Experience Raw owner Kirsten Gum is passionate about health, organic food, this planet and conscious living. She is determined to experience this life fully and at the highest vibrational frequency and to help others get there, too. Kirsten credits her zest for adventure and endless amounts of energy to her daily food choices, personally experiencing the healing powers of raw foods and conscious cuisine.

As the creator and owner of Experience Raw, a full-service transformational eating and lifestyle business, she’s made it her mission to enrich lives through conscious cuisine. Kirsten believes that when we connect with our food, we connect to our bodies, our souls and the Earth. Not only is she a certified gourmet raw food chef and instructor, she’s also an outdoor enthusiast, a yogi, a cyclist, a world traveler and an internationally recognized journalist and television host.

Kirsten’s passion for extreme experiences has helped her build an unconventional career in TV, dedicating her life to seeking knowledge and relaying it to the masses.

Television Career

Kirsten on Travel Channel’s Treasure Hunter

You may recognize Kirsten and her fun-loving spirit from the various sporting events and television shows she’s hosted over the years. Her Travel Channel show, Treasure Hunter, inspired viewers to get down and dirty and to connect with the Earth as she searched the globe for Mother Nature’s gemstones.

Or perhaps she’s a familiar face from What’s My Car Worth? on Discovery HD Theater, or her coverage of international sports such as the Tour de France, Dakar Rally, World Cup Skiing and NASCAR.


Love of Healthy Food

In addition to being passionate about extreme experiences and the great outdoors, Kirsten has harnessed her love of pure food to become a master raw chef. She’s bringing healthy, healing cuisine to the mainstream via her interactive classes, where she educates and inspires others with practical tips and tricks that make preparing raw food effortless.

Raw food has healing powers.

Whether you’re new to raw food or seeking to take your existing knowledge to a new level, Kirsten will enlighten you with love, light and laughter.

Kirsten refers to her food as “conscious cuisine”, recognizing that what we ingest impacts all aspects of our lives. She helps students reconnect with themselves and the world through natural, pure ingredients. Her classes demonstrate the ways that unprocessed, living food can result in optimal health for the body and the planet, both physically and energetically. A balanced raw food diet can lead to weight loss, clear skin, more energy, mental clarity and better sleep, and since most of the ingredients can be found package-free, raw meals also boast a much smaller carbon footprint.

Gourmet Raw Food Chef Kirsten Gum

Plant-based conscious cuisine

In addition to food preparation, Kirsten’s classes are based in gratitude and respect for all inhabitants of the Earth, leaving the heart just as full as the stomach.

Kirsten has taught in the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America and Japan, with plans for Europe. Share her experiences virtually through her photo galleries.

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