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The most expensive nut you’ll use, but totally worth it. I battle with the price on a weekly basis. Most stores charge you $15 a pound, but I’ve found a place to

Nutritious Almonds

buy raw almonds in bulk for $9.50 — still a piece of change.

If you can, try to find a place that will sell you almond pieces for a cheaper price. Fortunately for me, most almonds are grown in California.

Almonds are the only nut that alkalizes the blood. This is super important, because most of our bodies live in a very acidic state — which opens us to all sorts of diseases. It’s been proven that disease and viruses can’t live in an alkaline state. So to balance out my body’s acid/alkaline concoction, I drink tons of alkalized water and eat my almonds.

They’re also super high in protein (20%), which is fantastic for those of us on a plant-based diet. Almonds are also packed with vitamin E, fiber, calcium, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, which is good for bones and teeth. Almonds are higher in fiber than any other nut, which means they’ll keep you regular.

Just remember that in the raw lifestyle, you should always soak your nuts to release any of the enzyme inhibitors on the outer skin. Skipping the soaking step is what causes indigestion in so many people, thereby turning them off to nuts all together. Soaked and rinsed almonds allow the body to more easily digest their goodness. True, like any nut, almonds are high in fat, but most of it is monounsaturated (aka the “good” fat), so eat up!

Craving more? See Kirsten’s Almond Milk recipe or search the site for almonds!


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