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Fact: eating asparagus makes your pee smell really funky. It happens to everyone. The reason some of us smell it and some don’t depends on a smelling gene

One of our favorite veggies

inside our noses. It’s crazy, I can take a bite, chew, swallow and go to the bathroom and I smell it, that quickly.

Still it will never deter me from eating the lovely green spears with layered tips. They look like a flower before it’s about to bloom and indeed it comes from the lily family. The growing season is very short and I stay far away from big, thick sturdy stalks – they are too tough for my taste.

When it comes to raw, asparagus is sometimes micro-blanched to soften up the ends in some dishes, but I do eat it raw all the time. It rocks the house when it comes to potassium, iron and calcium and holds its own in the vitamin A, B2 and C.

It has a one of a kind taste and I like to prepare it with a very light dressing – no need to get complicated with this veggie. I also love to use it in raw dishes to add height to my presentations.

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