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I love this fruit — yes, it’s a fruit — and it’s filled with all the good fat you can imagine. Since turning raw I eat at least one a day, which is probably a little too

The good fat!

much fat  but I can’t get enough of the creamy texture. It has a faint nut-like flavor but it doesn’t hold up when added with other ingredients.

There are so many varieties to choose from but I think Hass has the best flavor if eating it on it’s own or on a salad or wrap. If I’m going to use it inside a recipe to add buttery and creamy texture, I will go for the Fuerte or one of the other watery species.

Avocados ripen off the tree but since a ripe avocado won’t travel well, they’re usually unripe when you buy them at the store. If that’s the case they can take up to a week to ripen. I’m lucky enough to have 4 farmer’s markets a week so I can usually find a ripe one the day I need it, but beware you usually need to plan ahead.

If you do find a ripe one in the store, putting it in the fridge will preserve it for several days. Because the flesh tends to turn brown quickly, make sure this is the last ingredient in most of your dishes. A quick trick is to squeeze lemon juice over a piece to slow the browning or oxidizing down. Yes they are high in unsaturated fat but one avocado only contains 138 calories.

They contain a fair amount of vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin but lets face it, you eat avocados for the flavor! They have the protein make up of “mother’s milk”  and are supposed to be great for the skin!

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