Bell Peppers

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Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Capsicum? Yes, those Euro types call them capsicums but here in the states let’s keep it simple and just stick to the term bell peppers!

First thing you need to know there’s no such thing as a green bell pepper. I repeat, green is not a variety. Most are simply unripe red peppers picked early on purpose.

It’s a business thing. A farmer can pick a pepper green (before it’s ready) and get double the yield out of the same field.

OK, key words — not ripe — which is why so many people get indigestion from green peppers and why they have a distinct not so lovely flavor. The juicy sweetness has not had time to develop. I’m a huge fan of red and yellow, but the orange are my favorite.

Bell peppers are sweet compared to their counterparts which are hot and spicy.

They are an amazing form of vitamin C and A which are powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals in our system. They are also a good source of B6 and folic acid.

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