Raw Food Recipes for Fall

[ 0 ] October 2, 2012 |

We’ve rounded up a cornucopia of the seasons most delectable recipes. Here’s how to prepare a meal — for two or twenty — that will wow them with flavor (and nutrition, when you tell them later that it was all raw!).

Starters: Begin with a delicious Lemony Zucchini Bisque, which makes the most of the squashes that are in abundance this season. Fennel adds an extra layer of complexity, as well as a hearty kick of vitamin C.

Main Dish: The earthiness of beets complements the fall palate in Experience Raw’s recipe for Raw Cashew Nut-Cheese Beet Raviolis. Pasta is known as a hearty dish, but this raw variety won’t leave you lethargic. In fact, you might even have room for…

Dessert: Top it all off with Autumn Spiced Carrot Cake. We dare your guests to tell it from its baked counterpart. Cinnamon and nutmeg add to the fall flavors.

For more ideas for seasonal raw food creations, be sure to check our events schedule. We are adding classes and trips all the time!

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