Fujisan – Mt. Fuji

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The Elusive Mt. Fuji, Japan

I felt honored that the elusive Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san in Japanese) emerged throught he clouds as my train pulled into the city of Shizouka.

It looks almost unreal as its snow capped top unveils itself from the clouds. Thank you universe.

This mountain dominates the region west of Japan and climbing it has many sacred overtones.

Of course I’m here in winter when the entire mountain is shut down, but just seeing a glimpse, I can already feel the urge to come back in summer and summit.

Digging the scene with my friends!

I heard on the news just a week ago that 3 climbers got trapped in bad weather – one of them a famous F1 driver. Two survived, barely.. but one tent literally got blown off the side of the mountain with the person still inside.

Terrible way to go. They were all very experienced climbers and were well equiped.

Mother Nature is one of the biggest hazards in mountaineering. She rules. End of story.

On a good day, Japan’s highest mountain can be seen from Tokyo, 100 km away (wow, I was fortunate to see it from there too) and is considered picture perfect with its volcanic cone shape.

Photographers on stand by

It stands at 12,388 ft (3776 meters) and is just awe inspiring no matter how close or far away you are.

I had a raw food student and a couple of her friends pick me up from the train station and we headed directly for the mountain. She played with me the entire time. One minute there, the next disappearing completely.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to a hotel on the westside. The air felt soooo good to me, so fresh.

In all her glory

I just love being in the mountains and in nature, however that’s not what this trip is about.

But it makes me want to return to Japan to explore its more outdoorsy side. The Japanese Alps are supposed to be amazing.

They told me that Fuji-san (san means mountain in Japanese) is one of the most photographed.

They weren’t kidding – there must have been 30 people with huge cameras waiting for that perfect shot. It was comical.

We popped off some shots, but damn did it get cold when the sun went down.


It’s crazy to think that during the summer children and grandparents can make it to the top. That said it is still a very serious mountain with temperatures changing almost 30 degrees from summit to base.

The official climbing season is July-August and I guess it gets pretty disgusting during that time — what I’m trying to say is you won’t be alone.

There is such a short window for the opportunity that everyone wants to attempt a summit. Fuji is at the center of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park with all sorts of great adventures to be had in every direction.

I must come back and spend a week, climb, camp, summit, and check out the 5 gorgeous lakes that surround this monster – no not a monster, more like a goddess… who’s blessed me today… for she gave me an entire 2 hours to just sit and stare at her beauty.

We will meet again my dear and I can’t wait!

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