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Meditating on Mt. Mandango, Ecuador

There are times in your life when you really want to pinch yourself to see if it is real. I feel like that every day of my life. Since I’ve made the conscious effort to show up for this experiential life, it has been non-stop high vibrations and only amazing interactions, connections and discussions, not to mention tapping in to the frequencies of every moment.

Biking is one of my favorite ways of connecting — slow enough to take in my surroundings, fast enough to cover some ground!

It seemed so difficult when I first started playing with “awakeness.” You may have already had this discussion with yourself. Months ago while on a bus between Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and Cuzco, Peru, I made a dedication to myself. I will show up for this life and experience, take in every moment, be in the present! I’ve never felt so strongly about using this one life I get on this planet to seek my true meaning, search for lessons, observe my ego, exist in the present. Oh yeah, it can sound easy, but you must first get a hold of your thoughts.

Pay attention and simply observe your thoughts for one day. Maybe take a tape recorder and talk into it when thoughts pop up. How many times do you live in the past, in memories? How much time a day do you spend in the future? Then observe how much time you spend soaking in the present. Some call this stopping to smell the flowers. Noticing the flowers is the first step. The good things are all around us if we slow down and pay attention to our surroundings and energy.

So, I started practicing positive thoughts. I would check in with myself as many times as I could and watched my perspective on actions or interactions. Was I seeing the best possible good in the moment? Wow. I instantly realized I had some bad habits of being too analytical, thinking about where this comment or that action would lead. I found myself going 3, 4, even 5 steps ahead in my mind. Is this from my time in TV production> Was I line-iteming it all out?

Observing my thought processes, habits and routines was so intriguing, but I had to get my ego out of the way. That hasn’t been as simple as I thought. Ego rushes to the surface in so many circumstances. It acts like it is protecting us., but it’s not. It’s causing drama.

It’s been fun to watch my ego’s response to someone’s conversation, response, comment, action or reaction, then asking if it is ego or emotion — which are very different. Emotions are lovely, and I’m so blessed to be able to experience the entire spectrum. They sure make life a lot more interesting! Ego is like this crazy gremlin that uses your emotions against the lesson. Or perhaps the emotions and breathing through them are the lesson?

Breathe, believe, be.

I love my insanely good life! I like every aspect, even the financial challenges are full of new experiences and opportunities. I love living in the present and seeing the good in all that comes before me. What a fun experiment this new perspective shifting can be! Isn’t life on Earth one big experiment anyhow?

Try it, I say. Try observing your emotions, your ego. Take the personal hurt out of it, don’t be attached to the situation and see if you can pinpoint your perspective. Then alter it slightly and evaluate the situation again. This is training your brain and your behavior. This is the beginning of a shift in consciousness. Practicing presence opens up so many new, higher vibrational, and more creative thoughts.

For me, once I was aware of the process, I could start practicing and rewiring my thought process and behaviors.

My next lesson is one of believing. Sure, anyone can say it, but how do you say it so much you change your belief about it? Ah, this insanely good life!

Yes, I’m a raw foodie and gourmet raw food chef. I’m also a seeker on this Earth for the real rawness of life, the truth, the reality. This blog is Kirsten in the raw — every aspect as I see and experience it.

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