Experience Raw Services

Raw food catering services for private individuals and businesses

Our services are available for both private individuals and businesses.

Just as having a personal trainer vs. a group class is the best motivator to make serious change, so is working one-on-one with certified gourmet raw food chef and educator Kirsten Gum.

Through these private consultation choices, Kirsten is able to provide that personalized, enriching experience that many people say has changed their lives.

Experience Raw also offers businesses a chance to incorporate raw/vegan dishes into their menu or product line.

We’ve expanded our services globally by introducing our new Traveling Chef Incentive Program so that our knowledge, skills and creative raw dishes can reach anyone in the world.

Raw blueberry cheesecake

Raw blueberry cheesecake

Kirsten Gum's kale chips

Healthy snacks: kale chips

Fresh juices for cleansing

Fresh juices for cleansing

Individual cherry torte

Individual cherry torte

Menu of Services

Private Raw Food Services
From one-on-one raw food instruction to health-conscious shopping trips and pantry revamps, let Experience Raw help put you on the road to wellness.

Personal Chef Services
Experience Raw now offers our exclusive any time any where services for those of you with time restraints, busy schedules and special needs.

Traveling Chef Incentive Program
Bring Experience Raw to your own community — anywhere in the world — by becoming an ER Ambassador. You’ll become part of our team, building and strengthening the raw community and earning a little cash to boot!

Cleanse Support: Liquid Delivery
We want you to succeed. No matter what type or style or intensity of cleanse you’ve decided on, Experience Raw can help. We serve the local Los Angeles area with fresh juices, smoothies, tonics and teas, right to your doorstep.

Experience Raw is a full-service operation! No job is too small (privates) or too big (large groups). Because everybody is important to us.

Online Transitional Support
Let us become your best supporter and inspiration with daily check-ins via email or Skype, meal plans, shopping lists and anything else you need to succeed.

Recipe & Product Development
In the ever-changing world of all-natural products, adding some new twists and dishes to your arsenal of marketing can be a great way to generate business. Original recipe creation, photos and videos can offer your customer a new way to look at your brand.

Menu Consultation & Creation
Offering conscious cuisine is more mainstream than ever as society tries to clean up its eating habits. Success for your business comes when you can provide specialized treatment for your customers’ health needs.