Menu Consultation & Creation

Raw Cheese-Pesto Torte

Nut Cheese-Pesto Torte

Offering conscious cuisine is more mainstream than ever as society tries to clean up its eating habits. Success for your business comes when you can provide specialized treatment for your customers’ health needs. We can work with your already established menu and in-house ingredients to create raw/vegan additions that accent your strengths and food style.

Or, if you give us the go ahead, we’d love to introduce new healthy ingredients to your staff and guests! Even better, let us go all out and start from scratch, totally revamping your food direction to creative conscious cuisine. So many options!

Package Details

  • 1-hour consultation
  • Research & development report
  • Overview & breakdown of current menu
  • Menu creation (4-step process, including tastings and 3 rounds of revisions)
  • Kitchen testing (client pays for ingredients and commercial kitchen)
  • Kitchen and pantry revamp suggestions
  • Food ordering & wholesale accounts
  • $500 non-refundable deposit to get the process started!
Yes, I’m interested in Menu Consultation & Creation!