Experience Raw Private Services

Non-dairy cacao ice cream

Experience Raw offers a variety of personalized services to help you jump-start your journey to wellness.

Private Session

This will be the best hour you’ve spent on yourself and your health, maybe ever.  The focus is on assessing your current lifestyle and planning an course of action for you to experience the most vibrant, healthful life ever!

Private Shopping Trip

This is not your typical trip to the market. This is a mission to change the way you look at shopping, create new ideas around meal planning, and get you excited about shopping the most ‘alive’ and life-giving products at the store.

Private Pantry Revamp

Yep! Just like it sounds, Kirsten is going to clean house!  She’ll show you what products are helping you and which ones are hurting you.  Many people are surprised to learn that their favorite snacks are the reason they aren’t feeling, looking and living their potential.

Private Raw Food Instruction

Kirsten shows you how to prepare conscious cuisine in the privacy of your own kitchen.  This service is very beneficial for people with a big desire to consume cleaner, and more consciously, but have little flexibility in the schedule.  Take the stress out of finding a class that works for your availability – let Kirsten come to you!

Yes, I’d like to receive private services!