Private Pantry Revamp

Fresh ingredients

Yep! Just like it sounds, Kirsten is going to clean house!  She’ll show you what products are helping you and which ones are hurting you.  Many people are surprised to learn that their favorite snacks are the reason they aren’t feeling and living up to their potential.

Experience Raw wants to set you up for success as you transition into more of a plant-based diet, and the transition starts in your own home! Changing eating styles and revamping eating habits doesn’t have to be scary — it can be exhilarating with amazing outcomes.

(1.5 hours, $125)


  • Review all cupboards and drawers and dive into your kitchen reality
  • Discuss what’s inside, why, when and how –- then offer alternatives
  • Examine your current kitchen gadgets, equipment and set-up
  • Offer tips and tricks to successfully stay on your health journey
  • Offer special discounts on raw specific equipment and ingredients
Yes, I’d like a Private Pantry Re-Vamp

Power Pack Combo

(4 hours, $300)

Raw tahini

Experience Raw offers this special deal for those of you who like to jump in with both feet and go for it! This is a combination of our private session, shopping trip and pantry revamp. It’s an intensive half day with raw/vegan chef Kirsten Gum. The only requirements are that you breathe, enter this day open to change and are committed to taking responsibility for your health! It all leads back to old chestnut “You are what you eat”!

*Add a friend to this program for half the price! (2 people for $450)

Yes, I’d like the Power Pack Combo!

“Oh, Kirsten, you have changed my life. Thank you for being awesome! My raw kitchen is now set up at home. I had everything at my store and just brought it all home!”

Health Food Store Owner, NC