Private 1-Hour Session

Cleansing properties of citrus

This will be the best hour you’ve spent on yourself and your health, maybe ever.  The focus is on assessing your current lifestyle and planning a course of action for you to experience the most vibrant, healthful life ever! This means getting very real about your current situation and what you’d like to change in order to experience more bliss!

Intro Game Plan Session

(1 hour, $100)
Perhaps you’ve been questioning your health and eating habits but just don’t know where to begin the change?

Raw/vegan chef Kirsten Gum will help you slow down, breathe and take a very real and critical look at your current lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat clean or detox, this time releases you of judgment and gives you a clear starting point for the change you desire.

During this nurturing hour, you’ll receive a needs and health assessment as well as first-step instructions to a healthier you!


  • How to find more balance between nutrition, exercise and self-care
  • What type of eating style is best for you and how to transition into a new, healthier style
  • How emotions play into what you eat, when you eat it and why
  • How to pinpoint binge triggers and to work through them
  • Outlining the first steps toward a healthier you: more energy, more clarity, better mood and better sleep

*This plan works beautifully with Experience Raw’s Transitional Online Assistance & Support Program.
Yes, I’d like a private 1-hour session!

Power Pack Combo

(4 hours, $300)

Fresh apple goodness for snacks

Experience Raw offers this special deal for those of you who like to jump in with both feet and go for it! This is a combination of our private session, shopping trip and pantry revamp. It’s an intensive half day with raw/vegan chef Kirsten Gum. The only requirements are that you breathe, enter this day open to change and are committed to taking responsibility for your health! It all leads back to old chestnut “You are what you eat”!

*Add a friend to this program for half the price! (2 people for $450)

Yes, I’d like the Power Pack Combo