Private Shopping Trip

Shopping for organic produce at the farmers market

This is not your typical trip to the market. This is a mission to change the way you look at shopping, create new ideas around meal planning and get you excited about shopping the most “alive” and vibrant products at the store. If a change is needed but the options seem too overwhelming and confusing, allow Experience Raw’s Kirsten Gum to accompany you through the vast aisles of your local grocery store, farmers market and/or health food store.

(1.5 hours, $125)


  • The difference between shopping organic and conventional
  • What aisles to avoid and which food items should be banned altogether
  • How to read nutrition labels and ask questions
  • What new products are available to aid in your health and where to find them
  • How to fill your basket without emptying your wallet
  • What 5 things you can do to shop successfully for your plant-based diet
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Power Pack Combo

(4 hours, $300)

Fresh organic tomatoes

Fresh organic tomatoes

Experience Raw offers this special deal for those of you who like to jump in with both feet and go for it! This is a combination of our private session, shopping trip and pantry revamp. It’s an intensive half day with raw/vegan chef Kirsten Gum. The only requirements are that you breathe, enter this day open to change and are committed to taking responsibility for your health! It all leads back to old chestnut “You are what you eat”!

*Add a friend to this program for half the price! (2 people for $450)

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