Dehydration Sensations

High-energy kale chips

One of the most common observations we hear from people on a raw diet is that they miss the crunch! The dehydrator can make a world of difference in adding texture to your raw diet. This amazing machine can help you produce flavorful crackers, kale chips, and other crunchy morsels — not to mention raw burgers, falafel and so much more!


  • What ingredients will add crunch to your dehydrated creation.
  • How to flavor-balance crackers and make the most of your spreading.
  • How to use time and temperature to get the exact outcome you want.
  • Proven secrets to make your dehydrator work for you.

Sample Menu

  • Flax Seed Dragon Chips
  • Herb Nut & Seed Burger
  • Kirsten’s Kale Chips
  • Raw Cacao Macaroons
  • Seed and Berry Granola

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