Raw Asian

Vegetable Nori Rolls

The Asian diet is already much healthier than our SAD (Standard American Diet) but here’s always room for improvement! Join us as we dive into living raw creations with an Asian flair.  Light conscious cuisine bursting with flavor. Your taste buds will say “Arigato” for your efforts. This is another one of our “theme night” offerings. Let’s celebrate. Feel free to bring your own sake!


You’ll Learn:

  • how to use nori sheets to create a vibrant healthy roll that’s easy to eat
  • how to use rice paper wraps for another health alternative to sushi
  • how to work with seaweed like hijiki, wakame and arame
  • how to make a healthy living miso soup
  • how to create noodle dishes that are low in calories, high on flavor and easy on the digestive system


Sample Menu:

*vegan/raw sushi rolls w/ root vegetable rice
*pineapple-terriaki vegetables
*ginger tahini dipping sauce
*miso soup
*hijiki & wakame salad w/ yuzu sauce
*mango dessert

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