Raw/Vegan Holiday Celebration

Raw Cherry Pie

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you give up on healthy eating! This is the most important time to stay on track with your healthy food intake. Make it a health-FULL festivity!! In this class you’ll learn to make raw/vegan versions of some of your favorite holiday dishes. They won’t make you sluggish – rather give you vital nutrients to keep your energy levels up and stress levels down!!! And THAT’S a Happy Holiday to us!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to work with various nuts to create a meat alternative texture
  • What holiday dishes only need tweaking to become healthy
  • When to use certain natural sweeteners
  • How to use young Thai coconut meat to make out of this world raw desserts


Sample Menu:

Cranberry & Sage 3-Nut Stuffing – this raw/vegan option can be served warm too!!
Fresh Spicy Cranberry, Orange & Jalapeno Relish
Mushroom & Green Bean Salad w/ Maple-Pepper Pecans & Sunflower Dressing
Raw Autumn Spiced Carrot Cake w/ Coconut Creme & Goji Berry Drizzle
Chai Delight Drink


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