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[ 2 ] January 7, 2010 |

Salsa in Japan!

It’s time to move to another destination and I’m up super early.

It’s the first time this entire trip I’ve seen it rain and the air is extra fresh.

As custom during this excursion, Miyumi met me at my killer hotel and walked me to the train station.

Did I mention I had the top floor with a view of the entire city and sunrise from my bed? It wasn’t huge, not even by Japanese standards… but a small studio which made me feel like a rock star!

In my extremely pour Japanese and her ok English we chatted about the salsa party we went to last night -– yes, you heard me salsa. It was hilarious to be at a salsa party watching all these Japanese couples throw each other around the dance floor.

They were good too, well most of the, especially Miyumi. A gorgeous gal, she likes the arts and is versed in both Flamingo and Salsa.

I guess a month ago, she arranged a huge dance performance in the middle of town. I had so much fun watching her moves. Yes, of course I got up and danced, although it’s been a year I think since I last took a salsa lesson… and my partners seemed a little taken back that my salsa was so bad.

Watch Miyumi dance!

I think it was really a time for the men to get all macho and they didn’t like me leading –- a bad habit I have, even IF I don’t know what I’m doing. Thankfully I left early when the Tequila really started flowing.

But I was damn hungry, so I ventured down one busy street after the next in search a something to eat. I was looking for an Italian place because for whatever reason I had the urge for pasta. Yes, even a healthy, raw chef eats pasta every once in a while!

10 stops for help later I found a cute little spot and gobbled down some  noodles and marinara sauce and a glass of mediocre red wine -– it never tasted so good! Yes, I love Asian Cuisine.. but you need a break from the tofu, rice and Daikon every once in a while.

Then I roamed around a bit allowing my stomach to digest. I love feeling kind of invisible and just taking in the city for what it is.

So many young I think teenagers all dressed up and looking for the party, roaming the malls and searching for the latest gossip.

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Although my stay here in Shizouka has been wonderful because of Miyumi and her friends and students, I can’t say I was impressed in my short two days. It’s a big city with gobs of shopping malls but nothing outstanding or pretty.

It reminded me of most Midwest cities, there, functioning, but no wow factor. I guess any city in a 30 mile radius of Mt. Fuji really doesn’t have to be that impressive.

When I was on the train to Shizouka, I remember I couldn’t find the city listed in my guide book.. which I thought was crazy, it is a big city after all. Now I understand why.… what really is there to say.

It’s shining star is Mt. Fuji which lucky for me, I spotted on the train in, then got to get close on a bluebird day, then happen to catch a great memory when the setting sun cast an orange hue on its snowy sides.

Love going fast!

I will return to Shizouka to teach more raw food classes that’s for sure. Miyumi is planning on opening a raw restaurant in a couple months and I want to help her succeed. She already has a great food studio and students, so I’m sure her restaurant will bring in all the beautiful people, I can’t wait!!!

This is morning is a moment I’ve been waiting for my entire trip. A ride on the bullet train.

Yep, I’m eager for that adrenaline rush of flying around 300 miles an hour through the countryside of Japan.

I’m on my way to Kyoto, my last stop on my adventure through Japan.

I will teach and lecture one more time before settling in for a couple days, reflecting and welcoming in 2010 with wide open loving arms!

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  1. Adam says:

    Hi !!! Today is the first time I’ve seen you on TV. I couldn’t stop watchin. LOL!!! I had to go to the junk yard to find my own treasure, I just couln’t stop watching you and learning about Pyrite, and Volcanic glass. I find you bewitching, beautiful!!! Are you single by any chance? Well, I’m sure you hear it all the time so I’ll just stop here. How can I send you a picture? Looking forward to you next adventure! 😉

  2. Stacey says:

    Kirsten, where are you? We want to see more recent blogs of your whereabouts. Also, I heard a rumor you might be hosting a food show? Please confirm so we can tune in. Thanks for sharing your travels!

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