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[ 1 ] December 20, 2010 |

Growth and change spark presence.

I laugh at myself when I think about the amount of change I’ve undergone in the past five years. The Kirsten then might not want to hang out with Kirsten age 39. Or maybe the present me would have been exactly what I needed to find in a friend or mentor to spark my transformation. This is what I’m pondering on a rainy Monday.

I’ve just decided it has been way too long since a colonic, and I feel very ready for a good series. Is it the coming New Year that is sparking this, or another feeling? It’s not deep or internal, as I am now acutely aware of, but rather just a sensation of excess-ive-ness.

A love for yoga!

As for the physical, yoga sure has reminded my body of how it needs to work together to obtain great fitness. Wow, does it feel good to be back in “Vinnie mode”! Vinnie is the witty, soft-spoken New Yorker who leads us type-A personalities to rocking beats. Yes, we refer to each other as Vinnie-ites! His class is something special, the exact mix of intensity, calmness, humor, sweat, power and togetherness. No one else can teach what he offers in the most realistic way. Although not for beginners, this is a “get up and put up and give it all you’ve got” kind of class. People come to do the work, chipping away at both physical and mental processing in the form of endurance and slight pain. Be in it, thrive in it!

There are so many reasons it feels good to be back to home: friends, cats and familiarity. It’s time for Kirsten to do another huge stretch of growing. What areas will it be this time? I feel so blessed to be able and open to grow and change. It’s so nice to feel comfortable in my body, holding my space on this Earth. The calmness that controls the flame internally is now strong and stable. I love this life.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. It’s amazing that a post about getting a colonic can turn out to be beautiful and inspirational.

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