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[ 5 ] August 10, 2009 |
Fix me up please?

Fix me up please?

I’m in a somewhat awkward position — not uncomfortable, just awkward.

The guy I’ve been hanging with is zoomed in on my knee trying to get all the scabs and scars to look better.

You see, he’s helping me touch up my new head shots.

It’s such an ugly task, head shots — those few shots you get to market yourself with for a variety of shows and events.

“Pick me! I’m fun-loving and got straight teeth! Pick me because people will believe me! Pick me because I’m a redhead!”

I love the shot I finally chose out of the 400 something available, and now Josh is trying to even out my skin tone, shrink pores, remove red zits and shiny spots. I mean he really magnifies this stuff – and frankly I don’t need to see my 37-year old sun damaged skin that close. No one can look good that close.

He is only trying to help but he needs to be critical of everything and anything, even that scar on my knee from biking. I’m just glad I’ve got good friends with very helpful talents.

I’ve learned today that I should ask everyone I know when I need help — that’s how you find out about people’s secret skills. I knew Josh plays a good guitar, great voice and some killer lyrics… but computer skills too? He produces his own music so I should have guessed he was hip on all sorts of other software.

I keep promising myself that I will sit down and focus and really get to know Photoshop and Final Cut Pro — I mean so familiar that when I have to touch up a shot I don’t have to bother everyone else. Or when I want to edit a quick audition piece, I won’t have to spend the next few days making phone calls to everyone I know — but for some reason, I resist on a regular basis.

The thought of me inside staring at a video screen all day when it is gorgeous outside is just too much sometimes. It is absolute torture when it has to happen. Most of the time I can ease the pain by grabbing my laptop and sitting out on the patio so at least I’m breathing fresh air and can stare at our gorgeous plants and cats while doing odds and ends — but not when it comes to editing.

You pretty much have to be in a dark room where all your focus is on the screen and whatever visual is up. It just rarely seems to happen — which just got me in a sticky situation.

See, I’m working with an photographer/editor on some webisodes for the Travel Channel. He is in Colorado and I’m in California so we communicate a lot by email and texting. Anyhow, he sent me a couple finished products to look at… but I couldn’t get them to work.

Turns out I’m in big need of a tune-up on my operating system and my Final Cut Pro. It’s going to be about an $700 fix which suuuuucks! Mac just pisses me off sometimes. Yes, I’m grateful that they come up with new technology all the time, but I hate that they want you to constantly spend and keep buying.

When new product comes out, it takes forever to find the older product you are looking for. Yes, they have updates online, but I need entirely upgraded systems  — which they don’t. In fact, because Final Cut Pro 7 came out two weeks ago, they’ve swept the shelves clear of 6, the one I need.

I’m not being cheap, I would LOVE to use the latest version but my computer won’t handle it because it is 4 years old and doesn’t have an Intel processor — their new and improved system. So I’m screwed and stuck and frustrated as hell. So I’m missing a deadline of sorts and I’m not pleased.

Sure doesn’t look good but I’ve been at the mercy of my friends for 24 hours and finally one has called back and HAS version 6! Uuugh — maybe I should go away to computer camp. Seriously spend an entire week learning all sorts of different software.

Next, it’s balancing the books with Quickbooks. Gotta start entering 2009 sometime – ah maybe I will deal with that next week!

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  1. Kristen, dear your such a lovely person. Busy busy-bee, I have watch all yours shows on the travel channel.I’m on my first computer got grounded by wireless internet for over using my uploading %% I never had a computer before and I am teaching my self. I found you didn’t I. Im no dummy! I would love to travel with you. Your so kool and you just uplift your audience, never ponder on that. Have you tried applying with Hbo family. I think you would be a smash as quest on the Bill Malher Show!!!!

  2. Justin says:

    will you marry me?

  3. PILACAS says:

    Aweome blog! Being part of the entertainment industry myself and having to go through a ton of headshots can be quite a daunting task — and although it may seem shallow, it is the “look” that initiates the first call. However, it’s the talent that keeps an actor onboard. You have talent (which is obvious) and I wish you continued success!

    By the way, you should do a write up on FCP 6 or even the new 7… For the life of me, I can’t figure it out — so I’m sticking with Vegas Pro 7. Hehe.

  4. Hi Kristen just got your free blog at word I cannot reach it through, so; I am sticky with my home page Now I can catch up on your adventures in treasures and blogs. When is the new season starting what time im in central. Iam also going to check out to see whats going on there. I ve been learning alot online. Good Luck 2009-10

  5. Seth Geib says:

    I found your blog today and I have really enjoyed reading through it. I know I am just “some random person”, but feel free to email email me if you ever get into a rough spot again. I am seasoned pro with all of the Adobe Creative Suite programs plus I build computers for people all the time. Feel free to shoot me an email if you ever feel like chatting/venting. :)

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