Wowing Local TV Hosts With Raw Food

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The crew enjoying a raw meal

The crew enjoying a raw meal

I have to say I jump at any chance to convert someone over to even an occasional raw foodie. Most come to me skeptical and leave smiling, full and hopeful.

I got the chance to show how yummy raw foods can be and explain the beautiful benefits for eating raw to a local television host just yesterday. Natalie Horton hosts a show called Be Green.

Don’t ask me how we got introduced. I think it was through Nancy at Sustainable Works in Santa Monica (a fabulous 6 week program which shows residents ways to become green in all aspects of their lives).

Anyhow, Natalie knew a little bit about raw foods — her younger sister is a vegetarian who’s trying to get more into raw — but admitted to me she’d tried it and wasn’t thrilled. I, of course, in my typical way said come over to my house and I will show you how it’s done.

"Be Green" Host Natalie Horton digging on some RAW

“Be Green” host Natalie Horton digging on some raw food

My patio and raw foods have opened dozens of eyes to a new way of eating. It’s like this magical place where hearts and minds open up, tension melts away and I can connect — truly connect –with simple true facts; we are what we eat, plain and simple.

So Natalie and Uri, her cameraman, arrived late Monday afternoon. I had told them to leave me to the last shoot of the day so I could woo them with my creations.

It’s always a crap shoot what to serve someone first. You know, you want to keep it simple, fast, easy to understand and of course fun. I decided to start her off with coconuts.

If you haven’t noticed the craze about coconut water, you must be living under a rock. You can buy it now in any regular store – hell I’ve even seen it at 7-11 type places around Santa Monica (we do consider our town the health mecca).

Usually you can find it in a tetra pack – I think ONE is a major brand… but to be honest – buy the whole coconut – it taste 100 times better when it comes right out of the coconut. For that you may have to look around a bit more but check with your health food stores, I promise they have one.

Green Curry Coconut Noodles

Green Curry Coconut Noodles

Anyhow… the biggest issue that arises once you have a coconut in front of you is to get that luscious water out of there. Don’t worry, my website will have instructions when I get it all up and running. I know this fear well – trust me. I was scared too at one time :)

So first I showed her how to open up a coconut, then how to scoop out the luscious meat inside and how to make coconut noodles. I added them to some marinated fresh vegetables, added a spicy green curry sauce and topped it with nuts, fresh basil and fresh mint.

She went nuts. This my friend is gourmet raw food, not 4 brown blobs on a plate with some crackers!!!! Next I schooled her how to wrap rolls — both nori and spring rolls — then some lovely dehydrator tricks and finally a quick easy dessert and she licked up every last ounce.

Todd Weatherwill contemplating why he didn't go RAW earlier!

Todd Weatherwill contemplating why he didn’t go RAW earlier!

It was so much fun and so educational. I hope many people see the segments and can add at least one or two raw recipes into their daily and weekly eating.

Her co-host Todd Weatherwill (who I’ve done a worming segment with before) knew he didn’t want to miss out either. I even got two thumbs up from Uri the cameraman – who in my book is the real test!!!

He gets to sit back and hear the whole segment so he already has heard it talked way up – you know very high expectations when he tried. He loved it. To put it bluntly, it surprised the hell out of him how good it all tasted.

Job complete. As they used to say in the horrible 80’s action drama show “the A TEAM” – I love it when a plan comes together.

Remember all, I teach classes all over the LA, Santa Monica and Venice, CA area, catering and private instruction. I will even come to you, no matter what state – and I just have so much fun doing it – raw foods feeds my body and mind, sharing my knowledge feeds my soul!

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