Health Benefits of the Magical Jackfruit

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I had no idea I could fall in love with an exotic fruit so quickly. Listening to what my mom always said — “Don’t judge a book by its cover” — I was instantly intrigued by its size and protective rind. I had no idea the inside would contain pods of sweet love.

Health benefits of the jackfruit

Holy moly, this jackfruit is heavy!

Check out this video on how to open a jackfruit!

Jackfruit is one of the largest tree fruit on the planet. While spiky and crazy looking on the outside, the health benefits and sweet raw meat is super versatile, making this a raw/vegan/ plant-based chef’s dream!

This spiky fruit is:

  1. Rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.
  2. Rich in magnesium, which supports calcium in building strong bones.
  3. Rich in potassium, which helps prevent bone loss.
  4. Full of fiber, which helps keep your bowels and digestive system in order.
  5. Contains lots of manganese, which helps regulate blood sugar.
  6. Contains copper, which helps regulate the thyroid.
  7. Adds iron to the systems, which helps prevent anemia.

The meat and fiber of this fruit can be used for both savory and sweet dishes. I will soon have a couple recipes up on how to use this huge magical fruit!

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